No one likes a bully. If you want real respect and admiration, then you'll have to earn it. You must change your ways.

Will Bully Goat Griff listen to these wise words and learn that being a bully is bad for him and bad for everyone else? Can he ever change his behaviour, give bullying the boot, and try to be the best that he can be?  BULLY GOAT GRIFF reminds us that you don't have to be the best, but you can be your best!

"This book is an ideal resource to use for PSHE, to open up discussions and as a class reader." Vale of Glamorgan primary school ELSA and Well Being Officer

"Full of humour and with a lovely message about the power of friendship. Couldn't help thinking of all the ways I could use it in the classroom!" Teacher and Speech and Language Advisor, Vale of Glamorgan

"A wonderful, funny story. The moral of the tale is sure to have a positive influence on young readers." teacher, Haverfordwest

"A delightful book for 7-12 year olds and their parents, particularly if they appreciate Wales and the Welsh!" Kath, Nickleby's Bookstore, Vale of Glamorgan

"I couldn't put the book down. I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Griff." Dan, 9 years old

"I read this story with my mum and dad and we all really liked it. I like Kev the Kid best because he is so kind and wants to help Griff have lots of friends and get his dream job as the new goat mascot." Will, 8 years old

"This book made me laugh out loud! It's really funny. My favourite bit is when Bully Goat Griff butts Mrs Evans-Williams-Jenkins-Jones in the rear."  Sam,11 years old